Corporate governance
ASSOMA believes in the establishment of a system and in systematic operation, paying particular attention to shareholders' rights and interests. We believe a sound and efficient board of directors is the foundation of good corporate governance. Under this principle, the audit committee and the wages committee established by the board of directors are authorized to assist the board of directors in fulfilling their supervisory duties. The chairmen of each committee regularly report their activities and decisions to the board of directors. The board of directors also plays a supervisory and advisory role in the execution of corporate sustainability strategies.

The corporate governance structure includes the shareholder’s meeting, the board of directors, the audit committee, the wages committee, the management team, the corporate governance chairperson, and the internal audit. The functions and structure are as follows:

Key roles of the board of directors
  • Vote on key decisions
  • Supervise the committees and management team
  • Performance evaluation and the appointment and removal of managers
  • Provide guidance to the management team