Our company

Founded in 1978 with the determination to become a world-class magnetic drive pump company and manufacturer, ASSOMA is Taiwan pump industry’s Hidden Champion. We focus our efforts on creating customer-oriented innovation, quality, and service.

Recipient of the 1st, 8th, and 21st Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration.Winner of 18th Rising Star Award Received 2014/ 2016/ 2017 D & B Elite SME Award AVF awarded 2018 Taiwan Excellence Award Received The 11th Excellent Enterprise Award in Taoyuan City Implemented ISO 9000 quality management system to ensure product quality.

Implemented ISO 14000 and QC 080000 to ensure we deliver environmentally responsible products that meet HSF requirements. Our lean manufacturing and continuous learning culture ensure our continued competitiveness in the market Certified ilac and IAF test laboratory based on ISO 17025 accreditation.

Our Core Competencies
Our Products
We are a pump design, manufacturing, and marketing company. We specialize in magnetic drive pumps specifically designed for handling corrosive, hazardous, and toxic chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment. We excel in providing leak free pump solutions to our customers.
Our Staff
In the over 40 years of ASSOMA’s history, our staff has been one of our key assets. We have personnel in each department who have been with us since the beginning, with an average service experience of over 10 years. Our cross-functional teams ensure knowledge is being shared openly to our younger team members on an apprenticeship system. We treat our team members like family, and our team is committed to grow with ASSOMA and our customers into the future.
Our Value Chain
Our suppliers and our distributors are an extension of the ASSOMA family. Our suppliers are integrated into our LEAN production system, making sure we have a continuous supply of parts and raw materials. We customize every pump we deliver to you, so all our products are built-to-order. You do not have to worry about receiving a refurbished product that has been sitting in our warehouse for a long time. Our distributor completes our sales network. Each of our distributors is trained to be pump professionals, and being part of the ASSOMA extension, our distributors will service any ASSOMA pumps within their market, regardless of whether the pumps were originally purchased from the distributor or from third party sources such as OEM companies or engineering companies.