Our brand

ASSOMA started as a maker of small chemical pumps for simple chemical applications back in 1978. Sensing that customers wanted better pumps that are easy to use, requiring low maintenance, we began designing and manufacturing a broader range of magnetic drive pumps. Our name, ASSOMA, consists of two words: “ASSOciated” with “MAgnets”. Magnetic drive pumps have been our core and we have continued to improve on our pump designs over the years.

The improvements we have made over the years have always been based on improving customer value. Our first complete pump series the AMD (ASSOMA Magnetic Dry-run) are the first pumps on the market designed specifically to address the biggest issue with mag-drive pumps, which is dry-running, with a patented bearing design.

Our Design
We have kept up with that tradition, with each new generation of our pumps addressing new usage concerns, further improving customer value with our products. Our current pump series are aligned with customers’ values of energy conservation, and environmental consciousness. Visit our history and product development milestones to learn more about our product evolution.
Our Culture
Our quest is to provide the best value and satisfaction to our customers. To achieve this goal, besides product innovation, we have developed a fluid organization where our amazing staff work on cross-functional teams to achieve a common vision. Our teams are encouraged to innovate and continuously learn and evolve so that we find the best solutions for the customers. This not only applies to product development, we apply the team concept to everything from process design, after-sales service, to handling customer complaints through our G8D process, so that our customers have the fastest and most personalized service.
Our Product Innovations
Part of our strength is our product development capabilities. Aside from the tools that are generally available for hydraulic and structural design and analysis, we developed some of our own tools to cater to our custom needs so that we can do designs that add significant value to our products. It is our policy (see our product development policy) to cater our products to solve current and foreseeable future customer problems and needs. Our goal is to stay ahead of customers’ needs to remain relevant and sustainable.
Winner of 18th Rising Star Award