Company milestones


  • AVF-C series & AVF-X series awarded 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • Awarded 29th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award
  • Received Taiwan Chemical Industry Association (TCIA) Award of Excellence


  • Received 2021 D&B Elite SME Award
  • Producing MEI>0.7 Pump


  • Received 2020 D&B Elite SME Award


  • Received 2019 D&B Elite SME Award
  • Received ISO 17025:2018 test laboratory re-certificate
  • Received 2019 D&B Elite SME Award
  • Received ISO 17025:2018 test laboratory re-certificate


  • Received 2018 D&B Elite SME Award
  • Received QC 080000:2017 certificates


  • Received 2017 D&B Elite SME Award
  • Upgraded our ERP system
  • AVF awarded 2018 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • Received The Excellent Enterprise Award in Taoyuan City


  • Winner of the 3rd Annual D&B Elite SME Award
  • Completed and received ISO 9001:2015 re-certification
  • Completed and received ISO 14001:2015 re-certification


  • Established distributor in Saudi Arabia
  • Established distributor in Vietnam
  • Winner of 18th Rising Star Award


  • Winner of the 1st D&B Elite SME Award
  • AVF motor received CCC certificate
  • Integrated PLM solution into our computer system
  • AVF Series variable frequency canned motor pump received the 21st Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award


  • AME series PFA lined magnetic drive seal-less pumps ready for market.
  • Established test laboratory and received ISO 17025 test laboratory certificate.


  • Received ISO 14001 and QC 080000 certificates.
  • Performed Carbon Footprint analysis for select pumps and received certificate from BSI.
  • Generation AVF pumps ready for the market.


  • Added FMEA and PPAP capabilities to our PDM system.
  • Signed a distribution contract with CREST PUMPS LTD. for the U.K. market.
  • Added PRELEAD INDUSTIAL CO. as our distribution agent in South Taiwan.
  • Added NICATECH as a distributing agent in India.


  • AVF pump, integrating mechanical, electrical, electronic and communication technology, officially launches in May. The pump delivers tremendous pumping flexibility and energy saving, providing total pumping solution for industry with energy saving, automatic control and better quality performance.
  • Set up a test laboratory, according to ISO 17025 for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, to carry out mechanical, electrical and electronic test and calibration to assure the best quality to customers.


  • AMT vertical chemical pump is granted 3 patents in major countries worldwide. It is best applied under the most corrosive chemicals in etching process.
  • Integrated major suppliers into our Lean Production System to form an efficient and streamlined unit to provide our customers with fast and value-added services.


  • Made an agency agreement with BEIJING CEN-SUN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD in the Northern China.
  • Made an ODM contract with EBARA. CORPORATION Japan under Private Label EBARA.


  • Established sister company (PRO BEST CO. LTD.) in Shanghai.
  • Launch Lean Production System for eliminating waste, shortening delivery and enhancing total quality.
  • Signed distribution contracts with A-MAN Co., Ltd for the Korea market.


  • Reach an ODM with EBARA CORPORATION JAPAN as a qualified manufacturer.


  • Sign an ODM private label agreement with Wilden Pump & Engineering, LLC.


  • Inauguration of new plant.
  • Set up a joint venture company ASSOMA JAPAN with TOHKEMY CORPORATION in Japan.
  • Awarded patents in Germany and South Korea for AMV vertical pump.
  • Awarded patents in Germany and Taiwan for AMX magnet-drive seal-less pump.
  • Established subsidiary, PRO BEST CO. LTD. (SHEN ZHEN BRANCH)


  • Received ISO 9001:2000 certification.


  • Introduced ERP and APS computer systems to improve operational efficiency.
  • Awarded patents in Japan, U.S., China, Germany, and South Korea for improved filter system design.
  • Awarded patents in Taiwan, U.S., Japan, U.K., Italy, and South Korea for improved pump construction.
  • Received Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for our AMF-Series Precision Filters.
  • Completed developing ASSOMA-SCAC 2.0 with more functions and better user interface.


  • Awarded Taiwan patents for improved filter system design.
  • Awarded German and China patents for improved pump structural design.


  • Certified for ISO 9001:1994 and ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2009.


  • Established subsidiary, PRO BEST CO. LTD., in Shanghai.
  • Developed the ASSOMA-SCAC (system calculation and pump selection software) to better service our customers.


  • Established company wide computer system.


  • Signed distribution contracts with P.V.S. TRADING ENGINEERING CO., LTD for the Thailand market.


  • Signed distribution contract with DONG-IL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD for the South Korean market.


  • AMD Series pumps awarded patents in U.S., U.K., Japan, Taiwan, China, Italy, Thailand, and South Korea.
  • Received the first annual Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for our AMD Series Seal-less Pumps.
  • Tangerine Engineering received distribution rights for ASSOMA products in South East Asia and Oceania.
  • Distributed our products into Europe via ASV Stubbe.


  • Developed AMD Series dry-run capable magnetically driven seal-less pumps.
  • Received new product patent in Germany.


  • Company moved to Lu Chu Hsiang in Tao Yuan County to meet increased manufacturing and service demands.


  • Company moved to JinJou Street in Taipei City.
  • Developed AMH and AMS Series Mechanical Seal Type chemical pumps.


  • ASSOMA INC. was established in Taipei City as a pump design, manufacture and sales firm.
  • Products include Magnetic Drive Seal-less Pump, Filter-pump and Protection Device.
  • All series of ASSOMA product are patented with unique function.
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