Green assoma

When you purchase products from ASSOMA, you can be assured we test the products according to RoHS requirements. We have also performed carbon footprint analysis on some of our most popular pumps to determine our product's impact on the environment. This allows us to take definitive measures to gradually reduce our carbon footprint over the years. We now source all of our materials from environmentally responsible sources (see our purchasing policy) and from local suppliers where available.

Carbon Footprint
In 2013, ASSOMA conducted a study into the carbon footprint of our most popular pump series; the AMX-Series. The purpose of conducting the study is not to satisfy any regulatory requirements. We wanted to understand our carbon footprint in producing the pump models so that we can identify the sources, and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint.
Our Products and the Environment
We are located in Taoyuan City in Taiwan, which is the largest industrial city in Taiwan. Taoyuan is also home to fruit and vegetable farms and rice fields serving the local market. Therefore, it is crucial that our products and our processes do not use or emit any chemicals that may be harmful to the environment and our local ecosystems.
Using Our Products
We manufacture products that handle corrosive and hazardous chemicals. In a sense, our products are on the front line in the defense against environmental contamination. We have made improvements to our fully plastic pumps over the years to make sure our pumps remain hermetically sealed throughout its service life.