ASSOMA Inc. is committed to being socially responsible in our procurement activities and in building trust with our supplier partners.
Purchase transaction
  • We provide an electronic procurement platform to share information with our suppliers and to promote fair trading practices.
  • We develop long-term strategic partnerships with suppliers based on mutual trust and collaboration.
  • We require our suppliers to provide reliable products and services that meet our quality and delivery standards. We are also committed to providing our suppliers with corresponding fair and timely compensation for their products and services
Legal and ethical
  • We do not purchase from suppliers who violate labor safety, forced labor, child labor, or any form of violation of national labor laws and regulations.
  • We urge suppliers to implement environmental protection policies required by national laws.
  • Suppliers must not purchase conflict mineral materials.
  • When we conduct procurement activities, we strictly abide by relevant national laws, regulations, and social ethics and integrity standards.
Green procurement
  • Our product development and manufacturing follow international green environmental protection trends. We promote environmental sustainability and purchase materials and parts that have the least environmental impact.
  • We analyze all purchased materials to ensure they are RoHS 3.0 compliant.
Intellectual property management
  • We abide by national and international intellectual property laws and regulations, and respect the intellectual property rights of suppliers and maintain the confidentiality of information obtained through procurement activities.