Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is a general term that covers a broad range of industries with manufacturers that range from very small and simple applications to multinational conglomerates with very complex production systems. What is common among the various types of chemical applications is the use of chemical pumps to handle various chemicals from highly corrosive acids to toxic chemicals to highly flammable solvents and highly explosive chemicals. Safety and reliability are therefore the prerequisites for pumps designed for use in the chemical industry. As we dive deeper into the chemical industry, it takes more than just a safe and reliable pump to satisfy the needs of the chemical customer.

Beyond Off-the-Shelf: The Value of Customized Pump Solutions

Not all pumping needs are created equal. Customized pump solutions offer a distinct advantage by meticulously catering to specific requirements. This is especially true in the chemical industry. While chemical reactions are highly scientific, the processes are often highly customized to achieve process stability, efficiency, yield, among other factors. The chemical pumps, being the hearts of the system, play an important part in the performance of the system, therefore, proper pump selection is crucial to its stability and efficiency.

The process begins with in-depth consultations to gain a thorough understanding of your unique needs. By delving into factors like piping configuration and the intended use(s) of the pump(s), our experts can calculate the system resistance and NPSHa and tailor a solution perfectly suited for your application. Furthermore, through precise calculations, customized pump solutions optimize performance, ensuring maximum efficiency and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Peace of Mind: Ensuring Pump Reliability

Pump reliability is paramount for any operation; when downtime equates lost productivity and revenue, choosing a solution that prioritizes reliability is essential. Reliability comes in several forms. First, is the pump design and performance. Pumps used for chemical plants usually follow industry standards such as ISO 2858, ISO 5199, ISO 15783, ANSI or API standards, ensuring consistency and interchangeability between pump manufacturers.

Next, the performance of chemical pumps should be verifiable. This can be assured with an excellent quality assurance system and pump performance testing system. An ILAC-accredited performance test laboratory can provide the necessary pump performance data. More importantly, the NPSHr of the pump should be checked against the NPSHa of the system to prevent premature pump failure.

Finally, with our state-of-the-art automatic hydraulic testing system, even pumps that do not require an ILAC-certified test report undergo rigorous testing before delivery. The test data is stored in our database and can be made available when necessary. 

Keeping it Simple: The Advantages of Easy-Maintain Pump Solutions

When it is time to perform maintenance on your pumps, the construction of the pump makes a huge difference in determining when the system can be brought back online. Our Easy-maintain pump solutions offer practical recommendations to keep your pumps running smoothly with easy-to-do pump checkups. Simple, close-coupled pump construction allows for back pull-out dismantling and rapid reassembly without special tools and without the need to perform time-consuming shaft alignment procedures.

For light-duty applications, a lined pump with removable liners can be used which can cut down on repair costs and material waste by replacing only the parts that are worn or damaged. We provide videos with clear and concise guidance to help with maintenance tasks. 

Overall, the Easy-maintain pump solution reduces downtime, simplifies upkeep, offers a low carbon footprint over its life-cycle, reduces maintenance costs (both labor and material), and ensures your pumps run at peak performance for longer.

Beyond the Sale: Total Pump Service & Support Keeps Your Processes Flowing

Investing in a pump is just the first step. To ensure smooth operation and maximize your return on investment, comprehensive pump service and support are essential. Look for providers who offer a combination of features to keep your pumps running reliably. 

Firstly, localized service and support teams guarantee prompt assistance whenever you need it, minimizing downtime and ensuring timely maintenance. Our service network will work with you even if the pumps were initially purchased elsewhere.

Secondly, a commitment to quick turnaround times translates to streamlined processes for parts delivery and service, ensuring your operation gets back online swiftly. An agile supply chain further enhances efficiency by minimizing lead times for parts and service needs.

Finally, some providers offer flexible options for both DIY maintenance and professional contractor support. This empowers you to choose the approach that best suits your needs and expertise. With total pump service and support, you can be confident that any pump-related issue will be addressed promptly and effectively, keeping your operations flowing smoothly.


ASSOMA INC. is a pump design and solutions provider that is a trusted partner of the Chemical Industry. Our ILAC-Certified performance test laboratory offers testing services for our customers who need to verify the performance of the pumps they purchased, regardless of the pump brand. Our global network of pump distributors and service agents work together to provide seamless service and support for your ASSOMA pumps even if the pumps were purchased from outside their service region. We are committed to offering products and services of value to our customers. For the chemical industry, we are developing high-efficiency pumps with updated hydraulics to reduce the energy costs of pumps in their lifecycle costs (LCC).