Quality policy
Implemented ISO 9001 quality management system:
Optimize the operation of our ISO quality management system, strengthen value management through AVM, implement Lean production to achieve continuous improvement and a learning organization to achieve the goals in the areas of eliminating waste, shorten delivery time, better overall quality, and improving operational value.
Environmental Health Policy

At ASSOMA, we are a pump manufacturer that places strong emphasis on innovation, production technology, and marketing. We strongly believe Green Technology is the key to future innovation and the foundation for business and environmental sustainability. As such, we commit to the following principles to continuously improve and enhance the effectiveness of our environmental management efforts:

  • Comply with environmental laws and customers’ environment requirements.
  • Develop and produce only green products to minimize our impact to the environment.
  • Implement energy conservation, reduce, reuse, and recycle industrial waste.
  • Advocate environment protection, and increase employee and supplier environment awareness.
  • Promote risk management through preventive health and safety measures to minimize impact to our employees and the environment.
  • Effective implementation of environmental health management through regular audit of our implementation performance and through continuous improvement, attain sustainability of the business and the environment.

With the above commitment, ASSOMA will call on our staff, suppliers, and business partners to support our policy. Through our joint efforts, we can achieve corporate, social, and environmental sustainability, guided by a common philosophy.

Hazardous Substance (HS) Policy RoHS 3.0
We seek to continuously improve the effectiveness of our Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) to produce HSF products that comply with global environmental and legal guidelines and satisfy customers’ HSF requirements.
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 17025