Our Journey to Energy Efficiency

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and that of our customers is important to us. That's why we have started focusing on designing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products over 20 years ago.

As a chemical handling product, our pumps are considered specialty pumps that are not required to comply with pump efficiency regulations (currently applicable to water pumps and circulators). However, that did not stop us from trying to bring the same benefits to our customers.

We started in the 1990s from our traditional magnetic drive chemical pump as a baseline. At that time, there were no requirements regarding motor or pump efficiency. We did what was available and relevant at that time. We commissioned a study into the carbon footprint of our most popular pump models. The study took us a few years to study and track the source of our materials and we received our opinion statement in 2012. Using this information and the data we have collected, we started working on streamlining our supply, localizing much of the production of the parts, and work on eliminating energy waste in step with our LEAN production system.

Motor efficiency requirements for IE2 motors are implemented in 2009 with the requirement coming into force in 2012. Understanding the market trends for high-efficiency motors, we started developing our own permanent magnet motors which are to be integrated with our pump in canned motor construction. When we introduced our AVF pump series, the efficiency of our motors has already exceeded IE4 standards, which at that time was still under draft. Our larger pumps have exceeded the expected future IE5 requirements.

Also around 2012, Europump, the European governing body for circulators introduced the Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI) for circulators. MEI requirements were extended to water pumps around 2013. As a chemical pump manufacturer, we are not under the scope of the MEI requirements. However, when comparing to water pumps, our pumps are at around MEI=0.4, which is the current standard applicable since 2015.

In our new pump series, we are aiming to achieve MEI > 0.7 which is the highest standard defined under the EU directive [directive number]. Our AVF-C pumps will be paired with our IE4/IE5 permanent magnet motors in canned motor construction. Our AVF-X pumps can be paired with IE3 or IE4 motors available on the market via standard IEC motor frames.

With this new pump series, we look forward to achieving unprecedented energy savings for our customers. Let's work together to pump up your value!