12/06 2022
The high-efficiency pump with MEI=0.7 has received the TCIA Excellence Innovation Award

In recent years, with the rise in energy conservation awareness and the implementation of net-zero policies and related regulations by various governments, users of mechanical equipment are entering an era of high electricity prices, and they may also incur additional expenses related to carbon fees and taxes. Assoma began product improvements in two major phases in 2010, developing more energy-efficient products, making it a significant contributor to corporate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives.

About the TCIA Excellence Innovation Award: The Taiwan Chemical Industry Association (TCIA) has been organizing the "Taiwan Chemical Industry Elite Awards and Innovation Awards" annually since 2005 to reward outstanding companies, leaders, and research and development professionals for their contributions to the chemical industry in Taiwan.

The list of awardees for the 2022 "Taiwan Chemical Industry Elite Awards and Innovation Awards" is as follows: