Overload and Dry-Run Protector

The pump protector system is a critical component within the pumping system. It is of utmost importance to ensure the pump runs smoothly. The DRP-D’s pump dry run protector main function is to protect the pump by monitoring the loading of the pump. The over-current setting protects the motor from overloading, while the under-current setting protects the pump during dry-run and decoupling to protect the pump from damage. By protecting the pump, we can prevent extended and costly production downtime.

  • Protects the pump during abnormal operation.
  • Monitors the motor loading to detect overloading and underloading.
  • Prevents prolonged dry-running.
  • Prevents motor burn-out.
  • No additional sensors required, fast and easy to setup.
  • Power Supply: AC 110 or 220 V ± 20%(50 or 60 Hz)
  • Input Range: AC 0 to 5 Amperes (CT required for inputs above 5 A)
  • Accuracy (23±5℃): 0.15% F.S. ± 1 digit
  • Output Display: 0 - 999 adjustable
  • Time Delay: 0 - 99.9 seconds adjustable
  • Relay Output:
    ○ AC 250V (3A/PF = 1)
    ○ AC 110V (5A/PF = 1)
    ○ DC 30V (5A)